The Drone—Aerial Footage

AERIAL ICELAND: Flight of the Drone

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View my photography from Iceland here.


  1. I am completely breathless after viewing this video!!! It is inspiring beyond words for me. I feel that I have been witness personally to the awesome Creation of God without ever leaving my home!!! Ryan captured the beauty and grandeur of Iceland like I have never known!!
    Congratulations and thank you for the experience, Ryan!!

  2. Ryan, you have such a remarkable talent! This video of Iceland is absolutely breathtaking in ALL aspects. What a wondrous place! Thank you for sharing this video with us and allowing us to capture such a beautiful imprint of its landscape.

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  9. Magnifique des prises de vue splendides sublimées par une musique appropriée à cette Terre de feu de glace et d’amour . Nous rentrons d’Iceland nous sommes tombés sous le charme de ce paradis terrestre . Quel type de drone avez vous utilise pour la capture de vos images ? Merci

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